Dreams Made Scholarship Program

How to qualify.

By signing up to our camp, you are automatically entered into our consideration program. Anyone of any age is eligable - you receive the scholarship upon enrolling in college.

Every time you register to an event you are given the opportunity to prove you are worthy of the $900 annual college scholarship (1 year/1 per student, pending our Student-Athlete Requirements*)


How to earn.

Anytime you step onto the field - whether with us or in-season, you represent DreamUp Athletes. This means; being a great teammate, maintaining a good gpa in school, helping in your community, and being a leader but also a listener. Your coaches, teachers, and parents help decide that. After a collaborated conversation and verification process, we determine the annual recipients!

How to maintain it.

Our goal with this scholarship is to help motivate young athletes to dream big and be bigger. Being big means maintaining our *SAR which is down below.

*Student-Athlete Requirements: IF rewarded, the athlete must maintain a 3.0 cumulative gpa through high school, have zero arrests/public criminal records, and commit to 50 hours of sport related community service before high school graduation.